The Case for Rape Trials Without a Jury

By David Lorimer, a guest writer. The law on rape in the UK varies throughout the jurisdictions of Scotland, Northern Ireland, England and Wales. Yet, each nation struggles to provide support, protection and justice to those who claim that they have been raped. This is best illustrated by the low conviction rates for rape throughout … More

A Review of Pitts’ Boundaries of the International: Law and Empire

By Oskari Mantere. Almost by definition, international law is universal. This belief seems nearly tautological, thus true to the point that it is almost silly. Of course, international law is universal; otherwise, it would not be truly an international law. This self-indulgent and unreflective belief is merely a false historical narrative. The fact is that … More

A Cross-case Analysis of the Realities of Unpaid Internships: the UK & Italy

By Anastasia Roscia. Achieving a degree has become increasingly common in the past few decades. The job market has never been so competitive; ‘standing out from the crowd’ with a good degree and high grades is not possible anymore. In addition, macroeconomic factors such as the 2008 economic crisis have worsened the situation and impacted … More

Displacing Rather Than Liberating – The Libra Coin

By Mikael Fevang. Anyone interested in crypto will most likely have heard of the news that a consortium of multinational tech behemoths, fronted by Facebook, is releasing their own “cryptocurrency” – the Libra. Amusingly dubbed “Zuck Buck” by FT’s Alphaville writers, the Libra aims for the moon by explicitly aspiring towards becoming a global currency … More

Moyn, S. (2018), Not Enough: Human Rights in an Unequal World

By Oskari Mantere. When historians became interested in the history of human rights in the 1990s and early 2000s, they traced their history either to ancient philosophies, the Christian natural law, the Age of Enlightenment, or the horrors of the gas chambers. It was the revisionist argument that modern human rights had their origins in … More

Do Fathers’ Rights Movements Undermine Domestic Violence’s Victims’ Claims?

By Anastasia Roscia. Fathers’ rights movements are political and social groups of activists that declare themselves to be defenders of gender equality for men, especially in matters such as financial support and child custody after divorce and separation. They are a truly international movement and can be found under different names and associations in many … More

The US College Scandal, The UK “Class” Ceiling, & The Meritocracy Ideal

By Anastasia Roscia. Last month, the biggest US college scandal to date led the FBI to accuse famous Hollywood actresses, CEOs of law firms and prominent business leaders of paying thousands of dollars to help their children get into competitive elite universities. There were a variety of unlawful methods used, including bribing coaches working at … More

A Cynic’s Approach to Distributed Ledger Technology – Part II

By Mikael Fevang. [See Part I of this article here] So, even safeguarding consensus among the nodes is no guarantee of integrity on a blockchain. There are, however, several other, and more severe, issues with blockchain technology. Firstly, you have the fundamental inability of blockchain to scale and accommodate large userbases. People tend to forget … More

A Cynic’s Approach to Distributed Ledger Technology – Part I

By Mikael Fevang. The proliferation of cryptoassets (and blockchain technology in particular) over the last couple of years has become difficult to ignore. Tales of effortless wealth and promises of a paradigmatic transformation of finance have been plastered across the media and served as the topic of many dinner discussions. However, we seem to be … More

Pay Gap, But Worse: Why We Should Be Talking About the Gender Pension Gap

By Berit Braun. International Women’s Day is often used to highlight the gender pay gap – one of the key metrics that prove that women and men in Europe and around the world are still far from equal. It is a persuasive argument. Statistics don’t lie, and women literally get paid less for doing the … More