Our Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

To empower students to freely and critically engage with issues that matter to them by publishing articles that highlight their unique viewpoint.

To enable students to gain experience and exposure to the publishing process.

Our Vision

To become a catalyst for productive dialogue within the student community by exposing students to the diverse perspectives of their peers.

Our Values

Independent & Impartial
Because The Viewpoint strives to preserve the unique perspective of each writer, the editorial board and editor team are committed to ensuring that the original intentions of the writers of their pieces are maintained throughout the process and to enable our writers to publish work without fear of bias or third party interests. 

Open-mindedness & Curiosity
Both in our publications and publishing processes, we believe in continually questioning everything, seeking new perspectives, and looking for ways to improve.

We believe in carrying out each action with honesty and fairness – in our work, our journalism, and in our personal lives. 

Our vision is to become a catalyst for productive dialogue within the student community by exposing students to the diverse perspectives of their peers. In order to do that, we need to treat our readers, editors, writers, and each other with respect and empathy. 

In order for us to publish the best quality of work possible, we need to take advantage of the talent, creativity, and expertise that every member of our team has and work together to fulfill our mission and vision. We grow as a publication and as people when we work as a team and support each other. 

Striving for Excellence 
We aim to publish the highest quality of work for our readers. 

The International Viewpoint is honoured to be supported by the Development Trust of the University of Aberdeen.